In keeping with the new development paradigm, Lima e Falcão Advogados Environmental Law team provides indispensable services for companies wishing to invest in Brazil. The team suggests the best way to adapt business activities to the applicable environmental norms, from the planning stage through to operationalization of the undertaking, resulting in a significant reduction in risk and costs.

Lima e Falcão Advogados provides specialized legal assistance regarding a range of environmental issues and has considerable experience with legal and administrative proceedings. Its areas of expertise include: forestry legislation, solid waste, licensing, water resources, mining, climate change, cultural heritage, the use and occupation of land, and environmental management.

Indicated the best way to compatibility of
business activities with applicable
environmental standards.

The team carries out legal audits relating to the environment and has a multidisciplinary team to conduct environmental studies. It is also highly qualified to provide advisory services regarding the regularization of environmental liabilities and runs courses and in company training sessions to discuss issues relating to environmental law and environmental education.