Lima e Falcão Advogados has a long history of working with Civil Litigation, representing clients in all sectors at all levels of the Brazilian judicial, administrative and arbitration system. The firm has extensive experience in all branches of Civil Law, in particular Banking Law, Contracts, Civil Responsibility, and Consumer Rights.

Lima e Falcão has a technical and logistics structure designed to deal with a large volume of litigation, with lawyers, paralegals and an extensive network of pre-selected collaborators.

With a strong track-record working in courts, at the Consumer Protection Agency – Procon, and with inspection agencies at all levels of government, the firm is renowned in Northeast Brazil for its pioneering unit specializing in negotiations, whose aim is to reduce the number of lawsuits, thereby cutting costs for clients.

Coordinator (s): Marina Bastos da Porciúncula Benghi
Coordinator (s) Attached: Roberta da Câmara Lima Cavalcanti