With Brazil's adherence to the most recent and modern rules of foreign trade, legal management in its customs and international activities has become essential for players or stakeholders.

Lima e Falcão Advogados legal solutions through consultancy offering legal security in the activity of import, export and international logistics. The office has trained professionals with specific technical knowledge to act in the regulatory analysis for tax benefits; customs administrative procedures; defense of customs infraction notice; release from seizure; defense of abusive charges for container demurrage and management of special customs regimes.

The Customs and Foreign Trade team advises its domestic and foreign clients seeking business opportunities in Brazil and abroad through corporate solutions that aim to reduce risks in operations, including drafting international agreements and contracts, instruments commercial defense and assistance in litigation and arbitration.

Coordinator (s): Tiago Carneiro Lima
Coordinator (s) Attached: Fausto Agra Neto