Lima e Falcão Advogados is an office prepared to provide a specialized service in the area of Maritime and Port Law, through a team of highly qualified professionals, who combine theory and practice, aiming at a personalized and differentiated service to their clientele, especially in legal advice, assistance and technical expertise in complex maritime and port activities, in addition to working in all related areas, such as Administrative, Customs, Environmental Law, Fisheries, Competition, International Maritime Contracts, in addition to the Labor, Tax, Corporate and Insurance areas, either in judicial, administrative or arbitral litigation.

This theoretical and practical expertise (at sea and in ports), combined with quality academic production, is provided by a network of lawyers, in a multidisciplinary way, with technical support for users of Ports & Ships, such as: shipowners, transporters and charterers, insurance companies , damage commissioners, brokers, traders, ship commanders, naval and port engineers, importers, exporters, port authority, OGMO, terminals and port operators, sea transporter, NVOCC, freight forwarder, port practitioners, crew, P&I clubs, classification societies, shipyards, shipping companies and agencies, transport service providers, government, unions, lawyers, fishing companies, consignees and customs brokers.

Legal and technical support to users of Ports
& Ships, by a multidisciplinary team of
professionals specialized in various areas of
law and merchant shipping.

Coordinator (s): Tiago Carneiro Lima