Lima e Falcão Advogados has an experienced team specializing in the Brazilian electrical energy sector, providing advisory services in all branches of law related to energy and water. The team represents its clients before regulatory agencies and other government organs and provides specialized advice to clients on their relation to electric energy utility providers.

The Energy and Water team provides preventive consultancy services, drawing up reports and legal opinions and participating in negotiations regarding specific contracts in the sector. With a view to facilitating the operation of national and overseas companies starting out in Brazil, the team conducts legal feasibility analyses of energy generation projects, including those using alternative sources. It also draws up personalized business models and advises on the setting up of companies aiming to exploit the desired undertakings.

The professional staff members are highly qualified to provide advisory services regarding the management of land-ownership for transmission enterprises; to negotiate contracts relating to use of, access to and connection of transmission and distribution systems (CUSD, CCD, CUST, CCT); to assist clients in applying the sales rules and procedures stipulated by the Chamber for the Sale of Electrical Energy – CCEE, the National System Operator (ONS) Network Procedures, and the Distribution Procedures – PRODIST, and to enable them to participate in auctions.

Analysis of legal feasibility projects
of power generation with highly
qualified professionals.

Coordinator (s): Victor Lima