In keeping with the tendency among large-scale law firms in Brazil and overseas, Lima e Falcão Advogados provides specialized personalized business structuring services for national and international investors in a wide variety of sectors of the economy.

Specialized services to investors national
and international in more various
areas of Economics.

The firm is involved in the design and installation of various undertakings in fields that include solar and wind power, biotechnology for medicine, ocean fishing, the building cladding industry, and pre-molded and auto parts.

Lima e Falcão is known for its extensive experience in the real estate sector and for its expertise in drawing up and negotiating contracts relating to this sector. Especially worthy of note is its solid performance in the development of urban projects, especially the regeneration of urban areas, the construction of planned neighborhoods and the development of projects involving infrastructure and urban mobility.

The business structuring team includes both internal staff members and associate consultants who specialize in developing residential or commercial real estate projects, economic feasibility studies and funding.

Consultant: Elton Ferreira de Santana
Consultant: Othon Bastos Neto
Consultant: Raquel Araújo Carneiro Lima
Consultant: Tiago Carneiro Lima
Consultant: Victor Lima