Following the growing demand of the Brazilian and global market, we offer our services to those who are looking forward to a potential and direct investment in the sector. With support at all stages, Lima and Falcão Advogados have a qualified multidisciplinary team - based on every legal apparatus present in the legislation - to concretize ventures, both in the creative and advisory. Consultancy on business models and practices of the fashion, aesthetics and cosmiatry industries, with the objective of offering viable solutions for maximizing profitability and consolidating projects.

Fashion Market

Currently, the fashion market has resumed its growth rate since the 2008 crisis. In 2017, the market moved around US $ 2.4 trillion worldwide, following an upward trend in 2018. It can be seen a rise in sales in volume and value for 2019, caused by the resumption of consumption. Therefore, anticipating the birth of several trends in 2019, there will be an increase in the insertion and usability of fashion information and a greater added value, taking advantage of the market warming in this sector.

Aesthetics and Cosmiatry Market

Although the country is in a difficult financial stage, the beauty market is becoming stronger. Brazil became the third country with the largest aesthetic market in the world. According to the Euromonitor Beauty and Personal Care Survey, by the year 2020 Brazil will have an accumulated increase in this sector, which will reach 14.3%, an average growth of 2.7% each year. Having a good position in the market is the wish of all professionals and clinic owners. But for this, it is necessary to have a comprehensive career, especially for the aesthetic sector, which demands more and more professionalism, in addition to always seek new updates and investments in the area.