The Lima e Falcão Advogados Tax Law team works in sectors that are strategic for the development of Brazil and, in particular, the Northeast region, such as energy, industry, infrastructure, sanitation and international trade. Its qualified professionals provide advice on the development of new investment and industrial projects, especially in so far as these concern the granting of tax incentives. The team also advises on International Tax Law.

Lima e Falcão Advogados is also experienced in pursuing legal and administrative cases involving Municipal and Federal Treasuries and in establishing, along with clients, the best strategies to be adopted in ongoing cases.

The team seeks to defend the interests of clients in a preventive manner, preparing in advance for any tax issues that may arise. It thus works as appropriate with fiscal planning and the prevention of litigation, using periodical auditing of the companies receiving their advice.

The firm also provides general tax studies, with legal opinions, reports and tax plans. When advising overseas clients, it works in collaboration with professionals from international branches, or in partnership with other international law firms, with a view to providing the fullest possible overview of the financial situation.

" ...Develops relevant activity in tax
planning and prevention dispute

Coordinator (s): Thomás de Oliveira Silva Lima