Lima e Falcão Advogados Labor Law team is known for its solid work providing litigation services and legal advice for large companies in Brazil and overseas.

Its professionals provide specialized preventive consultancy services, mapping weak points and gaps in clients' business models and developing strategies to improve company management. To this end, it carries out audits, establishes due diligence, and performs analyses and provides guidance on the clients' handling of labor issues.

The Labor Law team is highly qualified in the provision of litigation relating to Individual and Collective Labor Law. It works in all fields and at all levels of the legal system and with administrative organs and has had an especially illustrious performance in accompanying investigations by the Office of the District Attorney for Labor Law and in defending clients in a civil inquiry or public civil action.

The team also has expertise in drawing up individual employment contracts and collective employment deals, with extensive experience of participation in collective bargaining and conciliation procedures.

"...Extensive experience in participation in
collective negotiations and mediations."

Coordinator (s): Paulo Henrique Castanha